Costa Rica

CRESCO legal costa rica is a legal power hub for business in the latin american region_


Legal power hub in Latin America_

CRESCO Legal Costa Rica has been established with the objective to create real bridges of business possibilities and opportunities from around the world into the Latin American region.

CRESCO Legal Costa Rica’s partners were the founders of TBO International Legal Consultants (2007), a leading boutique real estate and commercial law firm based in Costa Rica.

After more than two decades of professional practice, Adrián Obando and Alex Thompson (TBO founders), have witnessed and shared in success in this evolving and dynamic region.

As part of the international expansion that both CRESCO and TBO were intensively seeking, both law firms decided to create common objectives and work under the same name and quality of standards, to provide their mutual and future clients an international reach with the personalized service of a boutique law firm, creating CRESCO Legal Costa Rica, the global local firm.

Global business requires global advice. This is our added value service when doing international business. CRESCO Legal Costa Rica effectively and efficiently work across borders, offering the best legal advice in different jurisdictions to facilitate its international clientele with accurate deal making advice.

Costa Rica Legal Services_

CRESCO Legal Costa Rica offers a good selection of services with a special focus on Real Estate and the structuring of foreign investments into Latin America. The office can assist you with an even broader selection as listed below, cooperating with other offices of CRESCO Legal.

Costa Rica attracts a lot of investors from the US and other parts of the world. Our office can take care of their needs, help with acquisitions and the set-up of local companies. 


Whether you plan to enjoy Costa Rica’s peaceful living or to make a profitable investment, verifying properties thoroughly and complying with local jurisdiction always makes the perfect business advantage through CRESCO’s proprietary and comprehensive due diligence process.


In regard to Labour Law, Costa Rica has a protecting legal framework to benefit employees. It is critical to understand this legal framework; avoiding to consider the employees as liabilities and to make them become your greatest asset, is our mission.


CRESCO Legal serves as a point of reference for various international advisory tax firms seeking for advice on how to use the Costa Rican jurisdiction to be part of their international business structures or the tax implications of the operations of their clients in Costa Rica.


Estate Planning has become one of our main areas of expertise. After years of providing services in the areas of real estate, business law and corporate restructuring, our law firm realized how critical Estate Planning is to our clientele.


Along with diverse culture, comes diverse legislation. International investment can raise a variety of tax and legal issues. We counsel our clients to adopt and fulfill foreign and domestic regulatory compliance as business strength.


Responsible and Time Conscious Services. These are the pillars of our commitments to our clients in this sensitive area of law. Many years of experience and successful results have earned CRESCO the trust of our clients.


In any business transaction, drafting contracts that will define the business relationship with your counterparts is critical to achieve a successful venture. Let us give legal structure to your business.


Through the years, we have actively been part of teams that have been leaders of mergers and acquisitions not only in Costa Rica, but also in the Central American and South American regions.


CRESCO Legal partners have extensive knowledge of Costa Rican Tourism legislation, due to the fact that we have been involved in important projects through the whole country, including but not limited to key hotels and developments.

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