Trouble in repaying your credit card debts?

Threatened by a criminal case?

We can help you!

There is good news for UAE credit card debtors! The authorities in UAE started a new  procedure to apply the existing Federal Criminal Law. It is now possible for stressed debtors to pay a fine in case of a bounced security cheque issued to a bank instead of serving a sentence.

The new procedure allows such problems to be resolved in a “one day court”, where you ultimately pay a fine instead of finding yourself in prison.

What do you do?

  1. Prepare the documents
     Loan agreement.
    – Overview of outstanding loans.
    – Credit card bills.
    – Demand letters, etc.

  2. Contact CRESCO Legal.

  3. Cooperate with CRESCO Legal and the authorities to have the criminal case prosecuted quickly and painlessly!

Bounced cheques in UAE: new rules 'a progressive step for the justice system'
Imposing fines rather than jail sentences will ease fears for those with heavy liabilities, reduce the number of absconders and encourage banks to restructure debts, experts say...

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Criminal liability ends upon payment of a fine but the civil liability towards the debt remains, unless otherwise paid or waived.