Take a step towards Estate Planning

Register a will at the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center)

It is better to make all the important decisions in your life, while you are healthy and living. Hoping that others would manage your finance and assets according to your wishes might not come true always.

The only way to be sure, that it happens your way, is by preparing a Legal document – “Will”, while you are breathing. A Will is a Legal written document, which allows you to nominate and outline on how and who would you want to distribute your assets and estates to.

A Will allows a person to decide which individual could best serve as the executor of his estate, distributing the property fairly to the beneficiaries.

People living in the UAE are subject to Sharia law when it comes to the handling of estates. Preparing a will is one of the possibilities, to avoid a distribution of a heritage based on Sharia law.


The DIFC WPR (Dubai International Financial Centre, Wills & Probate Registry) provides assistance to suitable people to register their Wills according to the principles of testamentary freedom, meaning the freedom to dispose of their property upon death as they see fit.

This would be the optimal legal solution for protecting your assets, family and businesses in the emirate of Dubai, after death.

The United Arab Emirates is the first jurisdiction in the Middle East where non-Muslims can prepare a Will under international recognised Common Law principles in the DIFC WPR only and exclusively.

Simple and efficient mechanisms for non-Muslims are provided by the DIFC WPR to pass on their estates according to their wishes.

The MoU between the DIFC Wills & Probate Registry (WPR) and Dubai Land Department (DLD) ensures the rapid facilitation of probate court orders covering the Dubai assets of those who have registered their Wills with the DIFC WPR.

The MoU clearly outlines the existing administrative and legal processes in Dubai and sets out how information will be exchanged, including information relating to title deeds, and how this information will be handed securely.

Our experts are trained and qualified in the writing of wills. They are approved wills draftsmen at the DIFC.

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