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CRESCO Legal is a globally active law firm with offices in various countries around the globe. With a stronghold in Asia, the law firm covers one of the most dynamic economic markets for the years to come. We are ready to serve you, internationally and locally. 
Although CRESCO Legal is a global firm, the local base is not neglected. That’s why we call ourselves The global local firm.
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Costa Rica was among the first locations with a presence of CRESCO Legal. The Spanish speaking country with a connection between North and South America is an excellent hub for Latin America. Our growing team in San José is happy to assist in local and international affairs.

The UAE was the starting point of CRESCO Legal and still is our main office in the Middle East. Thanks to its geographical location, the excellent infrastructure and the multi cultural population, UAE is sure to keep its position as leader in the region – and so will CRESCO Legal.

India is home to more than 1.3 billion people and is ranked the sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP. CRESCO Legal is located in Hyderabad from where the law firm with its very experienced and strongly linked senior members can serve clients all over India, whether in commercial matters or litigation.


Switzerland successfully keeps itself positioned in the top rankings in regards to ease of doing business or quality of life and its legal framework is often used as the jurisdictions for contracts. CRESCO Legal is present in Lucern, where leisure and business combine optimally.



CRESCO Legal runs a representation office in New York, USA, mainly to secure a direct access to this attractive market for legal services. New York is the buzzing business center of the USA, still the largest economy in the world and home to some of the biggest companies around the globe.


Singapore is the logistical, financial and economic hub in South-East Asia. The extraordinary positioning of this City is the reason for CRESCO Legal to mark presence in this busy English speaking centre, following the demand of clients that run trading, consulting or holding firms in Singapore.



CRESCO Legal to introduce Artificial Intelligence software

CRESCO Legal has signed an agreement for the use of Luminance, a software powered by artificial intelligence to support the work of lawyers. The software allows the fast analysis of contracts, using sophisticated pattern recognition and machine learning developed by Cambridge University Ph.D’s.

Luminance’s unique combination of supervised and unsupervised learning is the base for its high accuracy in contract analysis and its efficient handling of high volumes of contracts. CRESCO Legal uses this technology to further improve its quality of service and allows the firm to offer the management of big numbers of contracts at competitive rates.

COVID-19: A “Force Majeure EVENT” or Not?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted the ability of businesses around the world to maintain operations and fulfil existing contractual obligations.

Ms. Mansi Lalwani, a distinguished member of our CRESCO Legal team, has written an article about the obligations of companies in the light of this disaster, that changes the way of how businesses can operate. Is this a “Force Majeure event” or just “Bad Luck?” 

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Covid-19: A “Force Majeure Event” or Not?

The article discusses, whether the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen as a “Force Majeure event” with all legal consequences or not.

The question is crucial when it comes to evaluate claims out of unfulfilled contracts and liabilities.

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Join CRESCO Legal with Luminance team on a live webinar discussion_

This topic and more will be discussed live by key speakers in our upcoming free-to-attend webinar on 16 October 2020 at 2 pm GST. Free registration.

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CRESCO Legal now mediator in One Belt - One Road

Mr. Naveen Kumar Indrakanti, Managing Director of CRESCO Legal, has been appointed as an Official Mediator by the International Commercial Mediation Centre for the “Belt and Road Initiative” popularly known as “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” (the “B&R Initiative”).

Initiated by President Xi Jinping, this remarkable project aims to strengthen China’s business relationships among 140 countries across EU, ME & Africa. The target of the “Belt & Road” is to build an annular route with one end being the active east Asian economic zone, the other end being the developed European economic zone, and the middle being the countries of Asia and the Middle East with great development potential. The “Belt & Road” project target to create a community of mutual benefits, fate and obligations with political mutual trust, economic amalgamation and cultural tolerance.

CRESCO Legal now mediator in One Belt - One Road

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