What happens to your children after you pass away?_


As a loving and responsible parent, you always strive to protect and nurture your children, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

For those who are expats in the UAE, being away from your home country does add few challenges and a level of uncertainty concerning the Childrens’ future, in the event of demise of the Parents.

It is for this reason that in the UAE, it is recommended to set up a guardianship declaration ,which is a vital document that can safeguard your children’s future.

Clear Appointment of Guardian

By setting up a guardianship declaration, you can designate 2 trusted individuals who will step in as guardians for your children if an unforeseen circumstance arises.

Custody and Care Arrangements

You can outline specific instructions and preferences regarding the custody and care of your children- such as living arrangements, education, healthcare, religious upbringing. This ensures your Child’s needs are met according to your wishes.

Prevent potential disputes

By legally documenting your guardianship preferences, you minimise the risk of disputes or conflicts arising among family member during challenging times.

Continuity and Stability

This document can ensure that your children can transition smoothly and that their routines, relationships and support systems remain intact during these unexpected events. This is often crucial for expats with no immediate family members residing in the country.

Compliance with UAE Laws

The UAE legal system recognises the importance of guardianship documents in safeguarding the interest of children and it is important you consult with a legal professional like our team at CRESCO Legal who are specialised in family law and drafting guardianship documents tailored to your specific needs.

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