Sharjah – Advertising posters and bills in UAE can now get you deported_

Sharjah - Advertising posters and bills in UAE can now get you deported

In line with Sharjah’s Municipality initiative in the clamping down of illegal posting of ads on walls and buildings, outdoor advertising by an individual or a company is now strictly prohibited without a proper permit from the municipality or the executive council.

Accordingly, private person or entities are not allowed to advertise on religious areas such as places of worship and extended to archaeological buildings, government buildings, historical or cultural buildings, public facilities, any places that obstruct traffic or visibility on the road.

The scope includes; stickers, posters, billboards and pamphlets that advertise the sale of items or lease of bed spaces and residential units covering the walls of buildings, electric posts, telephone booths etc, according to Mohammed Al Kaabi, head of the city’s cleanliness control department.

Whilst aiming to remove all distortions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city a Dh4,000 fine is being imposed on violators and can lead to deportation as some cases have been sent out of the country as confirmed by authorities.

CRESCO Legal helps companies to evaluate their standing in regards to the new regulation. It is crucial to properly understand the exposure and to adapt advertisement strategies accordingly. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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