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The UAE is home to a global society and becomes known as a melting pot of the world’s different cultures. With more than 200 nationalities from different parts of the globe living harmoniously in a safe and progressive country. Many expatriates living here are unaware of the Will process, the transferring of assets after death and recognised by the UAE legal system. It is a measure undertaken to protect families or heirs of their assets.

CRESCO Legal, a Global-Local Firm offers an extensive solution and approach in guarding your assets, investments and securing the future of your loved ones.

The two most important branches of Estate Planning are the Wills and Guardianship.


The DIFC WPR (Dubai International Financial Centre, Wills & Probate Registry) is the first in the Middle East to provide will registration to non-Muslims locally and abroad. This would be the optimal legal solution in protecting your assets, family and businesses in all seven emirates in the UAE, as well as offshore assets or in different jurisdiction after death.

It provides assistance to suitable people to register their Wills according to the principles of testamentary freedom, meaning the freedom to dispose of their property upon death as they see fit. Simple and efficient mechanisms for non-Muslims are provided by the DIFC WPR to pass on their estates according to their wishes.


Guardianship is a legal relationship between the child and a guardian, which gives the guardian the responsibility to make all necessary decisions relevant to the child, with regards to shelter, health, welfare, education and is therefore legally liable for the child.

It is important to have responsible and trustworthy family members or friends who are ready to take the responsibility and assist your children when you are not around.

To ensure that your intentions are communicated effectively when it comes to the care of your children, should the unthinkable happen, we urge every parents to make sure they have any form of a Guardianship document in place.

Different categories of Wills

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What are the Types of DIFC Wills

DIFC Wills_

  • DIFC wills can be registered in the DIFC Wills Service Centre office or via Virtual Registry.
  • Mirror Wills would apply to a married couple who wish to register their DIFC Wills at the same time
  • Virtual Registry does not support the ‘Mirror Will’ option. Hence, only Single Wills can be registered through the Virtual Registry.
DIFC Wills and its Cover
DIFC Guardianship
DIFC Property
DIFC Financial Assets Will
DIFC Business
Owners Will
Guardianship for children below 21 years
(including interim guardians)
Real estate properties in the United Arab Emirates (under full or part ownership)
Unlimited (title deed not mandatory)
Up to 5 properties
(title deed must be issued)
Bank and brokerage accounts in the United Arab Emirates
Upto 10 bank or brokerage accounts
Company in the United Arab Emirates
Up to 5 companies
Other moveable assets such as vehicles, personal items etc.
Alternate beneficiaries (if primary beneficiary does not survive you)
Only 1 permitted
Only 1 permitted
Only 1 permitted
Amendments required every time your asset situation changes
Not required
Virtual registration

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  • Emirates ID + Passport (original and copy)
  • The“will”  with a sufficient number of copies for all relevant parties and a copy for the records  
  • *Proofs of the ownership of the bequeathed properties to be submitted (original and copy)


Special conditions : 

  • Presence of the applicant before the Non- Muslim Wills and Probates Office 
  • If the applicant is a representative of a principal, the POA shall be limited to making wills and subject to the will conditions.
  • If the document is not in Arabic, it should be translated by a legal translation firm.
  • Any document issued outside the country must be legalized by (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Emirates ID + Passport (original and copy)
  • The“will”  with a sufficient number of copies for all relevant parties and a copy for the records  
  •  Proofs of the ownership of the bequeathed properties to be submitted (original and copy)
  • If the subject of will was property : Letter of Non objection from Dubai Land Department    

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