CRESCO Legal as a key speaker on another AI – Artificial Intelligence Live Webinar_

CRESCO Legal as a key speaker on another AI - Artificial Intelligence Live Webinar

CRESCO Legal have embraced technology by using the Luminance software powered by artificial intelligence. The team using Luminance work twice as fast and find issues that the other teams don’t necessarily pick up. Solving the problem of how a machine could read, learn and understand language.

The Luminance software supports large volumes of legal documentation from the lawyers as it allows; fast analysis of contracts, using sophisticated pattern recognition and machine learning.

Last August 26, 2020, Asiajuris Board member Michael Waechter discussed The Role of Artificial Intelligence to a Global Law Firm like CRESCO Legal on another successful webinar attended by lawyers from Asia and Europe and company decision-makers around the globe.

CRESCO Legal has been invited again to speak on another informative topic on October 16, 2020 at 2 pm GST. The topic will be how organisations in the Middle East are implementing AI to accelerate their reviews and expand the document insight.

Indeed, CRESCO Legal embedded technology on their system to further improve the quality of service that allows the firm to process documents needed to be analysed and categorised within very tight deadlines. The firm is able to deliver vastly improved results to their clients, with greater assurance that nothing had been missed, surprising clients and allowing them to push for a more competitive price.

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