Understanding UAE Cybercrime Law and How To Prevent Unscrupulous Online Activities_

UAE Cybercrime

Cybercrime is one of the most common issues that threaten the world wide web, and pose a threat to the security and privacy of individuals, the majority of international companies, banks and even governments. Today, the cybercrime that was led by professional hackers has turned into organised cyber attacks from professional companies that employ expert programmers who constantly innovate new methods to carry out their cyber attacks.  

Cybercrime has rapidly increased recently specifically during the world lockdown, many individuals became victims of cybercrime. These kinds of activities usually promise false hope of becoming wealthy within a short period of time. Unfortunately, such people don’t realize they have fallen victim to such scams by strangers who pose as reputable companies, in just one click of a button.

These hackers deceive their victims by sending them e-mails, links or social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp. They also include misleading phrases like, “Congratulations, you won the Prize” or by using fraudulent or scam websites which lure the audience into believing that they can make easy and quick money. That they are global companies which have some plans for investments overseas. 

According to the UAE Federal Decree-Law No.5 dated 2012 amended by Federal Law decree No.12 of 2016 any person found guilty of approaching other people to gain money using any fraudulent method, fabricating names,  impersonating other characters online will face hefty penalties.  This is also subject to imprisonment for a period of no less than one year and with a fine which is not less than AED 250,000 with maximum limits of AED 1000,000, in additions to other penalties.

On the other hand, as a UAE citizen, we have to be aware that hackers are not limited to victims of the same country. But rather choose those who are looking for job or investment opportunities from abroad. They use social media pages or fake websites to target their victims. They will get your personal data/information including bank account numbers, credit card numbers, verification code, ID number, etc. 

CRESCO Legal works with internal and external stakeholders to combat such scrupulous activities. Our in-house IT software solution provider, CRESCOtec has a facility to detect and combat cybercrime. We recommend the following basic yet very effective solution to avoid such incidents to happen:

  1. Take a few minutes to review the suspicious website, you may visit the homepage or about us section and go through the details of an entity. When reviewing emails or messages look out for poor language either in English or Arabic you could simply find grammar, spelling mistakes or incorrect details.
  2. Any operating firm or company providing services or goods should have an address, as well as a phone number on their website. Otherwise, the said website or page could be highly suspicious.
  3. Never provide or post any financial or personal information like phone numbers, photos/videos to anyone online, unless you confirm and identify the caller through the known method.
  4. Never respond to suspicious messages or emails especially spam e-mails. You can check if the email ID is correct according to the sender name if it looks suspicious don’t entertain it.
  5. Keep your contact details updated with your bank. If you change your phone number or it is not working properly, immediately inform the bank. Having said that the bank will not ask you for your account details through an email without any kind of verification.

Whenever you face any suspicious email or message or you have doubts about any website, CRESCO Legal can assist you by identifying the suspicious website along with background  check through the use of a very comprehensive checklist. If you have faced cybercrime in your workplace we can assist you by recording cases and submitting the complaints with the concerned departments and police. We work with reliable partners and network along with our team which consists of professional legal advisors that have international experience in dealing with cybercrime and protecting clientele from any legal risks exposure.

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